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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway!

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway for 
Hard Target by Kay Thomas

Title – Hard Target
Author – Kay Thomas
Publisher – Avon Books
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Release Date – November 12, 2013

The first installment in the Elite Ops series, featuring sexy ex-military men ... and the women who rescue their hearts.
Former DEA agent Leland Hollis wasn't planning on being a hero. Recovering from an injury sustained during a drug bust gone wrong and with more personal demons than he cares to admit, he wants nothing more than peace and a chance to rebuild his life. But when Anna Mercado's crazy ex shows up wielding a baseball bat, Leland can't ignore his instinct to help. And after her son is kidnapped, Leland agrees to deliver the ransom into dangerous territory south of the border.
Anna has no choice but to go with this stranger she's just met if she ever wants to see her son again. But getting the boy out of a violent cartel region involves risking everything. And for that Leland will have to convince Anna to do the scariest thing of all … open her heart and trust him.


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This book earned 3.5 stars from me!  This book was really enjoyable.  It tells the story of Anna Mercado and her son Zach who is very ill and needs a heart transplant.  Anna's husband Max is about as horrible as they come, and Anna finds out exactly how bad when she overhears him plotting to kill her and kidnap their son while on a family vacation.  Now let me introduce you to the sexy as ever hero of this story, Leland.  Leland is a DEA agent who has just testified against his dept and basically cost himself his job.  As a DEA agent, he has gone against some of the worst drug smugglers in Mexico, which has earned him a lot of enemies.  Anna and Leland meet under horrible circumstances and when Anna's son Zach is kidnapped, she knows she needs Leland's help to find her son. The story continues with a kidnapping, many near-death experiences and some seriously hot sexual tension between Anna and Leland.  This story introduces us to members of AEGIS, who I can't wait to read about!  This book isn't exactly a romance, it is more action-packed which was a nice change from what I have been reading as of late.  Anna was so strong to do what she did - I cannot even imagine being put in that situation.  Max is just a complete scumbag - he absolutely repulses me.  Leland is pretty swoon-worthy.  He puts his life on the line to save Anna and her son - who doesn't love a hero?  This was a quick read that I finished in one evening. If you are looking for an action-packed read that doesn't have a lot of sex, but more so has an interesting storyline, then give this one a try.  Then you can see if Leland and Anna can keep themselves alive long enough to rescue Zach who is being held in the middle of drug smuggling territory - and we all know how much they love DEA agents.  

I didn’t grow up burning to be a writer. As a child I wasn’t even much of a reader until fourth grade. That’s when I was stuck at home with the flu and my big sister read THE BLACK STALLION aloud to me. For hours I was enthralled—shipwrecked in a foreign land and riding an untamed horse across the hot desert sand. Then tragedy struck. My sister lost her voice. (I think she caught my flu.) But I couldn’t wait to hear what happened to Alec Ramsey—so I picked up that book, finished reading it by myself, and went in search of more adventures at the local library. Today I live in Dallas with my husband, our two children, and a shockingly-spoiled Boston terrier. 

My next novel will be published with Avon Impulse in November 2013. HARD TARGET is the first installment in a three-book romantic suspense series titled ELITE OPS, featuring sexy ex-military men…and the women who rescue their hearts. For excerpts, book trailers, and more—visit my website at 


Twitter address:    @KayThomasWrites

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