Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rock Bottom (Bullet #2)  


"Ethan Richards has fought depression and a host of other demons all his adult life, and it’s caused him to lose everything—his wife, his son, his friends, and he almost loses the one thing that means the most to him—his band. He hits rock bottom and believes there is no way out.

Enter Jenna McCormick, a feisty drug and alcohol counselor, a woman with her own share of troubles. She finds Ethan intriguing but keeps him at a distance while trying to help him face life without crutches. She feels a spark but denies it, knowing that a relationship with unstable Ethan could be dangerous for both of them.

Ethan knows what he wants, though, and isn’t used to being told no. Jenna isn’t willing to risk Ethan losing his tenuous grip on sobriety, however, and is prepared to deny her deeper feelings to help Ethan climb out of his hole, but he learns how to let go of his pain when he finds that someone is prepared to walk with him through the shadows. Can he convince Jenna that they should take a chance on love or will they forever deny their feelings in an effort to keep Ethan on the straight and narrow?"

We first meet Ethan in Bullet.  He is a bad-boy rocker who lacks a whole lot of redeeming qualities.  He pisses you off and makes you wonder why anyone puts up with him.  Ethan is drowning, and his actions are like one giant cry for help.  We see the train wreck Ethan makes of his life and feel sympathy for Val and Chris.  

I really enjoyed Bullet, but had a hard time getting into Rock Bottom. It started slow, with Ethan attempting to get help for his addiction, but I didn't really connect with this book.  I thought it had a lot of promise, but just missed the mark with me.  This book had a couple hot, steamy scenes but for the most part focused on Ethan's mental health issues/addictions/recovery, rather than the love story.  Don't get me wrong, there is a love story here - but it takes a back seat to Ethan's struggle with depression and heroin addiction.  There was no angst and almost no emotional connection to the characters.  Several times I found myself almost not finishing this book due to the lack of emotional connection to the characters.

I started the book hating Ethan and ended the book almost liking him.  I love that he met Jenna and she is broken too. I love that Ethan is becoming the dad Chris needs.  Unfortunately, that is about the end of my likes.  I am a sucker for a bad boy rocker, so I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't.  In fact, if this book didn't shine a light on mental health issues, then I would have rated it 2 stars.  I would not recommend this book to anyone expecting a hot, steamy rocker boy read.
Link to purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rock-Bottom-Bullet-ebook/dp/B00EX5JQ3K/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1379478259&sr=1-1&keywords=jade+c+jamison

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