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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway for Fast Forward

Title: Fast Forward (Second Chances # 2) – Book Two in the Second Chances Series – No cliffhanger, HEA

Author: Marion Croslydon

Release date: December 19, 2013

Age Group: New Adult

Genre: Contemporary romance

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Book Description:

From the Amazon bestselling author of No Reverse comes a moving story about love, redemption and what happens when life switches to fast forward.
Cassie learned the hard way: Love forgives… in the end.
In No Reverse, Josh and Cassie’s epic love story went from the brink of destruction to a fragile new beginning. Now they must mend their broken family and win back the son they gave up five years ago.
But second chances need to be earned and the road ahead is rocky. With Cassie on tour and Josh trying his hand at a political career, the struggle becomes clear. When the adoption takes a bad turn, Cassie and Josh are prepared to give up everything for the fight of their lives.
Will this young family finally heal the years of heartache, or will they be torn apart for good?
There is no cliffhanger.

Finally we get some closure on Josh and Cassie's story! The first book (No Reverse) left me with so many questions and a bunch of things up in the air between Josh, Cassie and their biological son that Cassie put up for adoption without Josh's knowledge (Cassie told Josh she had an abortion). Josh and Cassie have so many battles in this second book trying to get their son Lucas back. I couldn't stand the constant back and forth and felt horrible for Lucas. Josh and Cassie met every challenge head-on and their love for their child was shown through all the hoops that they willingly jumped through. Josh, Cassie and Lucas needed closure one way or another and I am so glad that this book gave us all the closure that we needed for this family.
Fast Forward is gut-wrenching and made me want to scream in parts. FYI...I was not a fan of the Loretti's! Fast Forward is touching, angst-filled and yet beautiful. It is a story about a family fighting to piece themselves back together.

NOTE: This book is a continuation of book 1 (No Reverse) and not meant to be a stand alone. If you haven't read book one yet, I suggest you do so before reading this book as you will not understand quite a few things that happen without all the background you get in the first book.

About the Author
Marion loves to share happy vibes, talk book crush, fictional boyfriends and sexual chemistry with like-minded people. And because she spends most of her days on her own deep inside her writing cave, you are welcome to come and say “hello” from time to time. Just to make sure she doesn’t sink into insanity. Her friends, family and arch-enemies (there are quite a few) will be forever grateful for your help.

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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway for Silent No More

SNM Blitz
Title: Silent No More (Silent #1)
Author: N. E. Henderson
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Silent series
Shannon Taylor thinks she has the picture perfect life. Engaged to marry her college boyfriend and a best friend who’s more like a sister, life is almost perfect. That is until her world is tilted by two of the most important people in her life. A chance encounter leads Shannon down a path that will force her to confront a past she has meticulously ignored for ten years. Nicholas Lockhart, renowned bachelor, has a reputation for his cold eyes and icy heart. Meeting a woman who can turn his world upside down is not in the cards; that is until Shannon. When Shannon's world crashes, she wonders if it's possible to crack Nick's icy heart. A web of lies and twisted truths soon leaves both bare and vulnerable. Silence no longer offers her protection or safety. Will remaining silent cost Shannon the real love she's finally found? Or will she stay silent no more?
“What the fuck does the bastard want now?” I huff out, glaring down at the name displayed on my cell phone. If I never have to speak to him again, it’ll be too soon. Jerking my right hand off the steering wheel, I reach over, turning the volume down on the stereo that’s blasting Avenged Sevenfold’s "Nightmare" through the speakers. My Father. The person I hate most in the world. If God existed, the motherfucker’s life would have ended by now. But that hasn’t happened, and I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m the type of guy that prays for his dad to get a brain-fucking hemorrhage that will take him straight to Hell, where he belongs. “Yeah?” I greet the fuck as I turn into the underground parking garage at Lockhart Publishing in my silver Audi R8. Way to ruin my day, Dad! “Nicholas, is that any way to answer your phone? You’re the CEO of a company for Christ’s sake. The least you could do is act like a professional.” Two companies to be exact, but what the Hell does being a CEO have to do with professionalism when the person on the other end of the line is the sorry excuse I get to call father? The man should know by now, I’m going to do and act any damn way I want. I’ve never been the “do as you’re told” type, so why start now? “I wasn’t aware this was a professional call.” My tone is sarcastic, but I don’t give a shit. The dick-fuck knows I hate him. Nothing is ever going to change that. We will never drink a beer together. We will never have a strong father/son bond. Hell, the only bond we do have is blood. The simple fact that his blood runs through my veins and that it will forever link us disturbs me. “Son, let’s not argue today. I called for a specific reason, so I won’t keep you any longer than necessary.” I can tell by his clipped tone he doesn’t want to be on the phone with me any more than I do with him. “Fine, then please tell me what you want so I can get back to work.” I breathe out in annoyance. My father was a well-known Defense Attorney in LA when I was growing up. He made a living getting criminals out of jail for many years and now he’s a prominent judge. There is some real fucked-up irony in that. The man should be locked up for the shit he has done to my mother over the years. Why the woman stays married to him is beyond me. It’s not like she needs his money. In fact, my father has benefited from her inheritance more than she has. Rotten bastard. “As you know, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and your mother would like you and your sister present for lunch.” He knows I’ll do anything for my mom. I think I proved that to him a long time ago. “Do you think you can do this for her?” he adds. He knows I’m going to say yes. “What time?” I ask on a sigh as I open my car door, stepping out into the dark, musky air under my building. To my annoyance, I slam the door harder than I intend. Fuck! Why do I let this man get under my skin so easily? Just the sound of his voice tends to set me off. “Noon,” he responds. A few hours in the company of my father is sure to piss me right the fuck off along with adding additional renovations to my house for my handyman to fix. Not that I can’t fix the damage I create myself, but why go through all that trouble when I can hire someone to do it for me? I’m sure the guy already thinks I’m a raging alcoholic who comes home and punches holes in walls for fun. I’m not, of course, or at least I’m not yet. If he knew all the damage was the result of my frustration with my father, he would understand. Yeah, so I have anger issues. “Okay, but if you want Nikki there, then perhaps you should call your daughter yourself.” I make my way to the elevator pressing the “up” button. As I wait, I check the time on my Rolex. It’s 1:14pm. I have plenty of time before my meeting with Teresa. Why I ever made that woman Vice President of my company, I’m still not sure. She’s great at business and a brilliant editor, but damn, I wish she would stop trying to get into my pants every time we are alone. Now that she’s my VP, I see her more often than I like. It’s not like she isn’t attractive, because she is, with blonde hair, big tits, and a tiny waist, but I don’t sleep with people who work for me. And well…she annoys the fuck out of me, plus she is too bitchy. It’s a big fucking turn off! The sound of my father’s voice brings me back to our conversation. I really need to wrap this up. The longer I speak to him, the longer I’ll be at Knocked Out tonight, kicking the shit out of my best friend’s ass. Jase is one of the few people who knows about my relationship with my father and why I hate the man. He and I share a common hatred for our fathers. Everyone that works for my father thinks he’s an outstanding judge and wonderful family man. What a crock of shit! “Nicolette is being her usual immature and childish self. It would be easier for all of us if you ask her to come. She listens to you, Nicholas.” He sounds annoyed with his last statement and I silently laugh. My sister isn’t immature or childish. She would just rather ignore his calls than deal with the man. She hates the heartless bastard as much as I do. Any man, who lays a hand on a woman with the sole intension of hurting her isn’t much of a man at all in my book. That’s the kind of fucked-up shit my father loves to do to women. We watched him physically and mentally abuse our mother for years. The day I turned twenty-one, I made sure my father never laid a hand on my mother again. That’s not to say he’s stopped hurting women because he hasn’t. Now, he has a mistress to abuse. He doesn’t know I know about her, but I do. Surely my mother has to know too. As the elevator door opens, Matt, my senior editor and good friend, is exiting. I pin him with my signature icy stare. I can tell by the look that crosses his face he knows I’m in one of my moods, so he wisely says nothing and passes me quickly. These moods only happen when I have to communicate with the man on the other end of my phone. “Nicholas,” he stresses, "just call your sister for me. I don’t have time for Nicolette right now. I’m walking into court as we speak.” He has never had time for Nikki or me for that matter. Not that I care. I stopped caring about my father before I learned to write my own God damn name. “Sure, Dad!” I force out through clenched teeth. “I’ll handle it. We’ll be there on Thursday at noon. Is there anything else? I have a meeting to get to.” I’m not totally lying. I do have a meeting to attend, but it’s not for another hour. “No, there isn’t. I’ll see you then.” He ends the call, not bothering to say goodbye. This is nothing unusual. He thinks everyone around him is there is serve him. I enter the elevator and I press number eleven. As I ride up, I send Nikki a quick text letting her know the plans for Thanksgiving. This is sure to brighten her day as much as it has mine. My sister is the female version of myself. But perhaps Nikki controls her anger a little more than I do. As I move my hand to store my phone in the breast pocket of my jacket, I hear the alert telling me I have a text message. I look down; it’s my sister’s reply. FUCK! The corners of my mouth turn up as I shove the phone back inside my jacket just as the elevator reaches my destination. My smile fades; I’m not looking forward to the rest of my day. Dealing with Teresa is one thing, but after dealing with Judge James ‘Asshole’ Lewis, I’m sure I’ll take out my anger on her at some point today. As I exit the elevator, something, or rather someone, catches my eye. She is standing at my receptionist, Rachel’s desk, with her back facing me. The legs catch my attention first. They are toned and her skin is fair. Her body turns a fraction as my eyes travel up, seeing a side profile. She is slender, but not at all skinny. My eyes continue its path up her body. Fuck me, Sunday! My eyes land on her hair. It’s a stunning shade of red. Darker than strawberry-blonde, but lighter than auburn. It’s shiny and bright; unique and exotic like a rare pet. Damn, did I just compare a woman to a pet? That’s a new one even for you, Lockhart. I can’t see the color of her eyes from where I’m standing, but that mouth…those pink fucking lips are made for sucking cock. I allow my eyes to drop. She’s wearing a navy dress and it’s a little on the short side to be considered business attire, but it looks good on her body. Fuck! Get a hold of yourself, Lockhart. You’re at work, man. My eyes glide back up her body, back up to those fucking beautiful drapes that fall down her back. She looks like an angel…an angel I’d like to tie down and fuck. But God damn, that hair is making my dick hard!

Badass Book Babe Review (Ami):

Wow.  This was a great book.  I absolutely loved it!  
Shannon walks in on her fiance' having sex with her best friend in their apartment.  Yep, major betrayal - and it leaves Shannon a wreck.  She leaves there and checks into a hotel and after getting drunk at the bar wakes up in the hotel room of the hottest man she has ever laid eyes on.  Nicholas oozes that bad-boy charm and his sexy as sin looks don't hurt anything either.  Nicholas has no intentions of letting Shannon go but they both have skeletons in their closet that they think are best left in the closet.  The skeletons surface on a trip home for Shannon to meet Nicholas' family and both Nicholas and Shannon are left shattered.  What we discover is heartbreaking for everyone.   I LOVED the sexual chemistry between Nicholas and Shannon.  The only thing I didn't like about this book was the cliffhanger ending.  I cannot wait until book two to read the rest of this story!  
About the Author
I write because I love it and because I have to get all these damn charaters out of my head that just pop up out of the blue.

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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway for Remembering Us

Remembering Us Banner 2-2

Title: Remembering Us
Author: Stacey Lynn
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 14, 2014


My life was perfectly mapped out for me since before the day I was born. I followed it, begrudgingly, because it’s what was expected. And then one day, everything changed. I woke up. Different. Independent. Free from all the rules that had surrounded me. Only I have no idea how I got to where I am. I have no memory of graduating college. No memory of Adam, the boyfriend I live with. He loves me. And I love him. At least that’s what everyone says. Except when my memories return to me as dreams, I see a different man than the one everyone claims is perfect for me. He terrifies me. He makes my heart race and he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. I have no idea if I want to welcome the emotional roller-coaster that his piercing brown eyes and messy black hair puts me on every time I get a glimpse of him, or if I want to run back to the safe shelter of the scripted life-plan that used to be mine.

RU teaser 2
This book is gut-wrenching, scorching hot and utterly amazing!  I absolutely loved this story and was hooked from the first page to the last.  This story is about Adam and Amy.  Amy wakes up after a hiking accident with no recollection of her life.....or the boyfriend she lives with and supposedly loves.  Amy has lost the last two years of her memory and struggles to come to grips with her new reality.  Amy has dreams every night where she thinks she remembers her past, but she has no idea what is real and what is fake.  Amy and Adam go to a therapist in an attempt to help themselves work through this, and Adam tries to be there for Amy every step of the way.  Amy continuously pushes Adam away as she struggles with her memory loss.  Adam remains by her side through everything, but you can see it taking its toll on Adam and you wonder how much longer he can possibly hang in there without giving up.  The sexual tension beween Amy and Adam is amazing.  Their love story is far from perfect, yet it is beautiful.  This is a great read and if you like a hot romance without a cliffhanger ending, then this is a must-read for you! 

About the Author
1185803_333069440172065_1348106691_n Amazon Bestselling Author Just One Song and Just One Week Don't Lie to Me, released on July 15, 2013 Remembering Us - coming January, 2014 I am a wife, a mom, and a writer. I can often be found curled up on the couch with a good book, or obsessively eating Skittles in a very complicated and organized manner. No joke.

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Blog Tour Review of Come to Me Quietly and Interview with A.L. Jackson!!!

Title: Come To Me Quietly (The Closer to You Series, Book 1)
Author: A.L. Jackson
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance
Blog Tour Hosted By: Shh Moms Reading, Literary Mania Reviews, and Brandee's Book Endings

From the acclaimed bestselling author of Lost to You and When We Collide comes a New Adult novel of one woman’s obsession: a man who’s as passionate as he is elusive—and as tempting as he is trouble…

Aleena Moore is haunted by Jared Holt. It’s been six years since she’s seen her brother’s best friend, the self-destructive bad boy she secretly loved in high school. As the years pass, she knows it’s time to move on. Time to decide between a practical nursing degree and her true dream as an artist. Time to get over Jared and give another guy a chance…

Just when she opens her heart to her friend, Gabe, Aly returns home to find Jared sleeping on her couch. The teenage boy she loved has grown into a man she can’t resist. Covered in tattoos and lost in rage, he’s begging to be saved from his demons—the memories of the day he destroyed his family. As the two reconnect, their passion is hot enough to torch Aly’s judgment. But can she risk her future for a man who lives on the edge of destruction?

Badass Book Babe Review (Ami)


Wow.  She did it again! A.L. Jackson made me ugly cry!  This book was amazing! I loved Jared and Aly's story.  Jared Holt and Aleena (Aly) have loved each other since they were kids but heartbreak, devistation and loss caused Jared to lose everything - his family, his friends, and even his freedom.  Years later, Jared is passing through his hometown and runs into his childhood best friend, Christopher.  Christopher is Aly's older brother.  Christopher offers to let Jared move in with him and Aly for as long as he needs to.  Aly comes home to find Jared sleeping on her couch and instantly she is in deep.  The boy who she has always loved is right there in her house.  Jared and Aly's love is complicated from the very beginning.  The first moment their eyes land on each other all those feelings resurface.  They try to fight the attraction and lose.  Their chemistry is scorching hot, and there is no doubt they are both in deep.  One night Christopher walks in on them, and Jared flees - with no thought of ever returning.  

What an emotional ride.  It is up, down and a few loops thrown into the mix.  It was gorgeous, it was heartbreaking, it was devistating, it was real.  What an amazing story of one man who fights against the darkness to win the woman he loves but doesn't think he deserves.

by Ami at Badass Book Babe Blog

Ami: Where did the inspiration for Jared and Aly's story come from?
A.L.: Jared was a character I had in my head for a long time.  I had no direct inspiration, other than I saw this character in my mind, and over time, his story began to take shape.

Ami: What other works in progress are you working on?
A.L.: Right now I am working on the sequel to Jared and Aly's story, Come to Me Softly.

Ami: Will Come to Me Softly be your next release?
A.L.: Yes!

Ami: What can we expect in Come to Me Softly? More Aly and Jared? Will we get introduced to any new characters?
A.L.: You can definitely expect more Aly and Jared, and yes, you'll get to meet someone extra special in Come to Me Softly.

Ami: Will Aly's brother Christopher get his own book?
A.L.: Oh yes....I love Christopher, and his story is very clear in my mind. I can't wait to get started on it.

Ami: What is your favorite scene in Come to Me Quietly?
A.L.: Definitely the Fourth of July.  Things build so heavily between Jared and Aly, and I love the intense eruption that takes place when all of that tension finally hits the boiling point.

Ami: Who is your all-time favorite book boyfriend?
A.L.: That would be Edward Cullen.  Don't judge me! ;)

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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway for Until Trevor

Until Trevor Banner4
Title: Until Trevor (Until #2)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Release Date: December 19, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Trevor Mayson had his life planned out - make the family business successful and play the field for a few more years before eventually settling down. Then he sees her. Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he could ever want...but she didn't fit into his plans. After Trevor painfully rejects her, Liz finally starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult to truly let her go. It seems the more he tries to stay away, the more intense his feelings for her become. Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so much before snapping.
Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn't interested in getting her heart broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget him when he shoves his way back into her life. Can Trevor prove to her that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he ready to change his life plan to let her into his heart?
My eyes narrow. “If you ever even think about spanking me, I'm going to beat the crap out of you, Trevor.” His eyebrow rises. “You think you can take me?” “No.” I shrug. “But I will give it my best shot.” His smile is so devastating that it takes my breath. “When you’re giving it your best shot, are our clothes on or off?”

I was really looking forward to this release.  I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Until November.  Asher is hot, hot, hot - so I was excited that we were getting more of the Mayson brothers.  The Mayson brothers are notorious in town for their womanizing ways.  They have ZERO interest in relationships but are always up-front with the girls on their only-sex status.  Their parents have raised them to know that when the right girl comes along, they'll know it and be willing to sacrifice anything for her.  After Asher becomes smitten with November in book 1, we see how hard the Mayson boys will fall for a girl once they meet their one.  In this book, Trevor finds his one ---- her name is Liz.  Problem is, he thinks she is a virgin and pushes her away.  Then by the time he realizes she isn't, the damage is done.  Trevor has his work cut out for him if he expects her to give him the time of day.  This book has tons of family drama, lots of angst and you get more Asher and November.  As if that isn't enough, you get more of the other Mayson brothers as well.....especially Cash.  The next book, Until Lilly, will focus on Cash's story.  The snippet at the end of Until Trevor, coupled with what we get to know from reading about Cash in Until Trevor, has left me craving more from this author.  I can't wait for more from the Mayson brothers!
This was a great book from an author that hasn't let me down yet.  She has a great way of delivering a scorching hot read while still delivering a great story line and not compromising quality.  Scorching hot sex chemistry, the sex screams at you from the pages, the angst keeps you drawn in and all the drama and turmoil makes you shake your head and wonder what else could possibly happen.
Hot, Hot, Hot!  Grab this one and check it out! You won't be sorry!
About the Author
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat whose husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires its beauty.  
Connect with the Author

Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Twitter

Other Books by Aurora

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November is looking forward to getting to know her father and the safety of a small town. After leaving the Big Apple and her bad memories for Tennessee, November starts working for her dad at his strip club doing the books. The one time she’s allowed there during club hours she runs into Asher Mayson. He’s perfect until he opens his mouth and makes assumptions. November wants nothing to do with Asher but too bad for November, fate has other plans.
Asher Mayson has never had a problem getting a woman, that is until November. Now all he can think about is making November his and keeping her safe. Warning 18+ sexual content and a strong Alpha Male.
Grand Prize: Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi
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Review and Interview for Beck by Harper Sloan

Displaying Beck - Blog Tour Button.jpg 

Harper Sloan
Book 3 - Corps Security Series
 **Warning** This book is intended for a mature reading**
I’ve always been good at wearing masks. Not letting anyone see the real me. I’m content being the happy-go-lucky best friend. The strong willed boss. The independent woman who doesn’t need a man.
But the truth is I’m just as broken as the rest of you. I’m terrified that all it will take is one person to make all my carefully constructed walls crumble into fine dust. So I guard my heart with everything I have. Determined to never let anyone get close enough to hurt me again.
All is perfect until HE walks into my life. No… he doesn’t just walk. He struts his good-looking, sex-oozing self-right into my space and demands that I see HIM. Making me want what I know I can’t have.
So I did the only thing I know how to do.
I run.
But he just won’t let me go.
The second I see her, I know she will be mine. I see past the gorgeous smiles and heart-stopping laughter. I see HER. She doesn’t want me to know her secrets or the past that haunts her, but I make it my mission to find out.
To make her mine.
She can run all she wants, but it will never be far enough to stop me from coming after her.
She’s it for me and she knows it.
She’s just too scared to admit it.
**NO cliffhanger, HEA, inter-connected standalones**

Badass Book Babe Review (Ami):
I am a huge fan of the Corps Security series, and Beck is no exception!  While I was never a fan of Dee in the earlier books, I liked that I finally got to understand why she is the way she is and I found her easier to relate to.  While I am in love with Beck, I am still not quite on team Dee.  She was just so frustrating to me...and I wanted to smack her at times.  She just kept shoving Beck away and running when things got the least bit serious.  Yet Beck was there for her at every turn.  The man freaking waited for her even when he saw her with other men because he knew she was it for him.  The fact that Beck stood by her through thick and thin was absolutely touching.  There is a bombshell that is dropped in this book that will make you ugly cry.  Can I just say the gold glitter scene with Sway is my favorite?!  You'll know what I mean when you read it.  This book is full of angst and passion like all the books in this series have been - you won't be disappointed.  OH!  My second favorite part of this book is that we get a sneak peek at a few new additions to the Corps men.  You'll get a sneak peak at Asher (Coop's brother) and a hot new hunk named David - that Sway has set his sights on.  If you liked Cage and Axel, then you'll love Beck - check it out!

Our Interview with Harper:
Badass Book Babe (BBB): Where did the inspiration for your Corps series come from?
Harper Sloan (HS): "Axel.  LOL.  Sounds silly but when he was ‘born’ I knew immediately that he needed the ‘brothers’.  After that, the rest just happened."

BBB: What is your favorite scene in Beck?
HS: "I loved just about everything about Cohen’s birthday.  But, I would say Sway and his glitter stole the show for me emotionally.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that one.  Truly one where I let the characters lead and I just followed their direction.

BBB: What is your next release going to be?
HS: "I don’t have a set date yet but right now it will be UNCAGED, a novella with Greg, Melissa, and Cohen."

BBB: Will Sway get his own book? 
HS: "I don’t plan on it right now, but anything is possible."

BBB: Who is your all-time favorite book boyfriend? 
HS:  "Tack from Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man.  Oh I love him!  No one has been able to take his place yet.  Although, Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds almost knocked Tack off with her Asher.  Oh I love him!"

BBB: If you could pick one Corps security man to get stuck on a desert island with who would it be and why?
HS: "Cage… one word – trifecta."

Thanks to Harper for taking a few minutes to answer our interview questions! I think we are all looking forward to see what happens with the Corps team in the future. Personally, I am still crossing my fingers that Sway gets his own story! :)

Series Info:
Book 1:  Axel
Book 2:  Cage
Book 3:  Beck
Book 4:  Cooper

Book 5:  Locke

About The Author
Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her ereader attached. As an ex-reviewer and blogger, Harper's passion for reading runs deep. It wasn't until 'Axel' decided to take up residence that she realized her true calling. 
She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.
Social Links
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Twitter: @harpersloan 
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Instagram: @harper_sloan

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Blog Tour Review for Enslaved by the Ocean

Enslaved By the Ocean Cover
Title: Enslaved By the Ocean (Criminals Of The Ocean #1)
Author: Bella Jewel
Expected Release Date: December 9, 2013
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
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Indigo is running, she has no other choice. She's done something bad, and there only way to escape it, is to flee her home, and her country. She sets out on a luxury Yacht, to take her to another country with her best friend Eric. But she runs into a problem. The Yacht catches fire. She ends up stranded in the ocean, terrified, and scared of the uncertain. Until they show up. The pirates. Terrified, Indigo and Eric have to face the reality that this might be the end for them. These are pirates, they are the criminals of the ocean. What chance have they got of surviving this nightmare? Then she lays eyes on Hendrix. He's the Captain, he's gorgeous, rugged, and mean. He's planning on keeping her to repay his debt to another man, by selling her. Now Indigo has a crazy ex after her, as well as a pirate she can't seem to get out of her head. Come on this heart wrenching, dark, angsty and dangerous adventure as two people so opposite, find something so beautiful.
“Stand up, this will be easier if you do,” he orders. He stands, taking me with him, and I lose my balance when I accidentally try to lift the wrong foot. Hendrix reaches out, taking my shoulder and goes to take a step forward to steady me, only to realize he’s wrapped the rope around his ankle, and is now tangled too. As if in slow motion, we topple backwards. I scream, and land with a thump on the ground as the ropes surround me. Hendrix lands over me, but manages to put his hand down to stop me taking the force of his body. He’s pressing into me in places he really shouldn’t be. “Fuck,” he curses, tugging his hand to try and untangle it. “How the hell did you get tangled too?” I cry out, squirming. “Stop fuckin’ squirming like that,” he orders, and I stop as soon as I realize why he’s asked me to. He’s hard. My God, he’s hard. “You’re…you’re…” “I’m fuckin’ hard because you’re squirming against me. I’m a man. Get over it.”

Badass Book Babe Review (Ami):
I admit.  I was a little apprehensive about reading a pirate book, but I am so glad that I did.  It wasn't anything like I had imagined.  There was no pirate jargon - well, except for when Indigo mocks Hendrix and his crew.  This was just a good story about a screwed up girl named Indigo and a pirate named Hendrix.  Indigo and Hendrix meet after the yacht Indigo is traveling on explodes, leaving her and her friend Eric stranded at pirate waters.  After two days of being stranded, they spot a ship headed toward them, but it is a pirate ship.  Indigo and Eric must do what they can to survive....but what happens when you fall in love with your captor who is planning to sell you as a sex slave?  Hendrix is amazingly hot....and the sex scenes are scorching.  I started out disliking Hendrix, but after a while I fell for him too.  The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, not too bad just sets the stage for the characters in book two.  There are two surprise guests at the end of the book that will make ou have an "OMG" moment.  But...I refuse to post spoilers or it will ruin it for you.   All in all, this was a great story that reminded me of Bella's MC series...just set on a ship at sea.  If you liked her MC series, then this one won't disappoint!


About the Author
Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.
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